Yoga Nidra Sound Vibrations

 In Ocean Academy

By: Louisa Durgamayi Ma Rodriguez- Diaz; Yoga Instructor


Students at Ocean Academy were guided through a yoga nidra using sound vibrations to bring forth conscious awareness of the chakras.  Balancing the frequency at which a person most naturally vibrates called “resonance.”  The body is in a healthy state when both emotional and physical each cell, organ and emotional thought creates a resonance that is harmony with ones being, creating a state of “bliss.”


img_2168    img_2169-1    img_2161-1    img_2171

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  • Shakim

    Very Calming

  • Colleen

    This is so beautiful how amazing what a gift.

  • james dobias

    It was a very soothing. I loved the sound of all the bowls. I passed out while the yoga instructor was playing them.

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