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By: Shetina Barnes, M,Ed/School Social Worker


Tips to Mentally and Emotionally Prepare for Back to School


The start of a new school year can be stressful and overwhelming for students. Helping kids to become mentally and emotionally ready for back to school can begin at home with a few simple steps.

  • Get back into a regulated sleep schedule. Gradually set back bed time to ensure a good night’s rest.
  • Get organized. Prepare clothes, lunches and backpacks the night before.
  • Check the school’s website for important updates regarding dress codes, procedures and supplies. Complete and return all required school forms.
  • Ensure students are up to date with immunizations and in school medications such as asthma inhalers.
  • Remind and encourage students to apply self regulation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, to ease anxiety.
  • Develop an action plan with your student outlining how to conquer difficult situations by utilizing supports.

Lastly, allow your student to vent about their excitement, fears and concerns. The support and validation that a student receives from a caring adult  is essential to ease your student’s concerns.

Here’s to a Wonderful School Year!!



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  • Lynn Newman

    Great advice!! Looking forward to a fun and productive school year.

  • Roberto Soriano

    Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated.

  • David Laudien

    I hope everybody has a great school year!

  • emilio

    Thank you for the good advice for this year.

  • Anthony Magro

    I love the school year, the school year is fun especially this school! I love Ocean Academy! OA helps me and trains me for the future, going back to school is a lot of fun! Thank you for helping me!

  • logan z

    Great!! I’ll use this helpful advice during the school year to get me through hard times. Looking forward to a great school year. Yours truly, Logan

  • Joey Asta

    The best advice is to keep it moving all year long and don’t go back in time with the old stuff. have fun everyone.

  • Miss Vanessa

    Wonderful post Mrs. Barnes. So nice to see all of the positive comments from the students. I especially love the comment involving validation. Sometimes just lending an ear and listening, without judgement or advice is more powerful then we realize.

  • ΜΔ丅丅ᕼᗴᗯ

    Great to be Back woo!! =0

  • Anthony Magro

    I hope I have a good school year.

  • Mrs. Crosta

    Wishing everyone a happy, safe and successful school year!

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