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 In Ocean Academy

By: Gwen Specht /Instructional Paraprofessional

Recently, the Ocean Academy music students and a few lucky staff members participated in a field trip to the Lakehouse Music Academy.  Located in Asbury Park, the Lakehouse Music Academy is a professional recording studio and a teaching academy. Eric Novod, Director of Education at the recording studio led the tour through their two recording studios.  Both studios were designed to enhance acoustics and to house their high tech equipment.  In addition to the functionality of the recording space, the entirety of the Academy is a beautifully designed space.

The recording studios themselves are two separate spaces.  The technology and equipment allow them to be utilized in tandem.  This effectively increases the recording space, if needed.  Evan, another academy staff, demonstrated the sound quality difference between many of the studio’s various speakers.  He also briefly explained the history of the recording equipment.  Both Evan and Eric demonstrated the adjustable wall panels and explained their impact on the room’s acoustics.


After the tour was complete, the group was split between two rooms. The first room included Joey, Jeremy, Matt, Josh, Mrs. Gwen and Mrs. Cooper.  They were joined by Evan and Natalie from the Lakehouse teaching staff.  The students were asked to pick a song.  Joey suggested Guns N Roses’ “Paradise City.”  Evan and Natalie created quick instrumental sheet music.  Eric brought the group lyrics sheets.  After a bit of practice the group was able to play the song.  Joey was on vocals, Matt played the guitar, Jeremy played the keyboard, Evan played the bass and Natalie was on drums.  The group continued with the Beatles’ “Imagine.”


The second room was occupied by Carlos, Kaitlyn, God, Dylan, James, Ms. Catalano, and two Lakehouse teachers, Bryan and Steve.  This group played two songs in the same manner.  Each student was given the opportunity to try each instrument and sing vocals.  The songs played in this room were Imagine Dragons “Radioactiv,” a Dj Kelly song and a Smashmouth song.  


After the jam sessions were complete, Eric spoke to the group about their upcoming participation in our school’s music program.  Beginning in January, the Lakehouse Academy teachers will be coming to guide the music class in writing and recording an original song.  The classes end of the year project will be another trip to Lakehouse.  During this trip the students will utilize the recording studio to make a professional recording of their song.  

The Ocean Academy would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff at Lakehouse Music Academy for their time and expertise.  All of the trip participants are excited about the upcoming collaboration.

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  • Tierney

    That seems like a lot of fun. It is great to learn about music.

  • krystal

    I cant wait for this collaboration, it seems like a interesting idea to learn how to play a internment.

  • kaityn stewart

    Going on that trip was a lot of fun! I really hope we can go again soon!

  • Zachary Syanovitz

    I think it is a good idea to take kids and show them what type of equipment their role models use. It look like they enjoyed it.

  • Carlos Gomez

    Yeah, I enjoy this trip. I also learn a lot about music;)

  • ricky

    It is great to learn about music.

  • Anthony Magro

    It’s amazing how people get into music. Music is universal.

  • Elijah Spikes

    This is a good opportunity for students.They can learn about instruments and music.

  • Anthony Chase

    I always wanted to go a music academy. I have never been very good at music but I still like to learn about it.

  • Brian Lauterbach

    I think it’s a very good idea, because it allows students to pursue their dreams and get in touch with music. It looks like fun.

  • Damian Scisco

    I wish that I could’ve been there. I am excited about them coming to the school.

  • Matthew English

    As a musician myself, I love to play with other musicians and collaborate with them, and learn about things involving music. I found the field trip to LHMA one of the most enjoyable days I have had.

  • Rachel Strickland

    I, myself, like listening to music and sometimes I’m seen as “The Human Radio” with my knowledge of music that’s beyond my years (only about ten years but still…) Also, music is one of my coping skills and part of my exercise regimen. So you can tell I use music as a coping skill about everyday . This will help other kids to connect to their emotions and their physical activity and express themselves. So this event will help other people in the long-run use music to express themselves instead of using violence.

  • Mj Sambucini, Jr

    It seems like this select group of people had a blast. I find it fascinating how Ocean Academy always finds a way to explore brand new topics. They go to so many different and unique places. Going to an actual music studio to learn about music and be able to play the songs of our choice. If you ask me that is pretty darn cool! I hope to some day go with another select group of people. Until then, I do hope everyone who went enjoyed their experience!

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