In Ocean Academy

By: Mr. Hayden/Art Teacher


What would Batman be without Joker? Harry Potter without Voldemort? Optimus Prime without Megatron? Stone Cold without The Rock?  Great stories are driven by conflict, and great conflict is developed with the help of a dastardly villain. Villains exemplify the worst within all of us. Greed, Rage, pride and envy often mark the personalities and motivations of a villain. However evil they may be, a villain will often also serve as the most interesting character in any given story. For this months bulletin board students were asked to choose a villain and portray them through an illustration. Some students chose historical figures like Joseph Stalin of World War II infamy, while other chose comic book villains and movie villains. I chose to paint Thanos from the upcoming Avengers movie as the centerpiece to the  board. Thanos is an intergalactic menace seeking to “re-balance the universe” through the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful glove that yields unlimited power to whoever wears it. Students are excited about the upcoming superhero flick and they were excited to participate in this art project. Nice job everybody!

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