Supportive Care Programs

Adult Residential Services

At Ocean MHS, Adult Residential Services includes Beacon House, Anchor House, Chelsea House, Wave Apartments, Sharon’s House, Beach Program and scattered site housing. Residential Services are available for people with serious and persistent mental illness. The types of housing vary depending on the amounts and types of support a consumer has. From group homes with 24 hour support to scattered independent, low income housing, Ocean MHS strives to provide support so that people’s lives are enhanced and they successfully move toward long term, successful, independent living.

* Referrals for these programs come primarily from the State Psychiatric Hospitals.

Shore Haven

Shore Haven provides treatment and support for adults who have a serious mental illness with an addiction component. Participants attend six (6) hours each weekday. Transportation arrangements can be made to accommodate program attendance.

Day Treatment Services exists for those people who are finding it difficult to maintain their lives in the community because of a behavioral health illness.

We help people understand their behavioral health illness and how it affects all aspects of life. We teach skills to support our participant’s ability to cope and discover ways to change the effect their challenges have on daily living.

We assist in connecting people to the community in a way that feels valuable to them while improving overall behavioral and physical health.


Programs in Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is an evidence based outreach program to help people with serious mental illness integrate into the community. Ocean Mental Health Services provides PACT services in excess of 160 people in all of Ocean County. OMHS PACT teams have demonstrated consistent excellent outcomes in reducing hospitalizations and in helping individuals achieve goals related to increased vocational and daily activities. New Jersey uses OMHS PACT teams to help train new PACT staff from around the State. Referrals to PACT come primarily from inpatient hospital units. The wellness and recovery culture is essential to the success of the PACT consumers. Each consumer works with the PACT team to identify goals, set priorities and define personal successes. The focus of the PACT program is helping people live healthy, productive lives in their community of choice.

PACT was started in Wisconsin in the mid 1970’s in an effort to lift psychiatric inpatient treatment from the hospital setting to the community. New Jersey instituted PACT throughout the state in 1996. The Ocean Mental Health Services PACT program has its own psychiatrist, advance practice nurse, nurses, clinicians, co occurring specialists, vocational specialists, mental health specialists, and peer mental health specialists. PACT services are not time limited and each person served has an individualized recovery plan.

* Referrals to PACT come primarily from inpatient hospital units.

Supportive Housing Assistance to Reach Excellence (SHARE)

Share services are designed to assist persons with serious mental illnesses to maintain independent housing in the community. The case managers provide the support needed in each person’s home environment. Through building a long term relationship of support and education, the case managers are able to help each person achieve lasting wellness.

*Referrals primarily come from adult residential group home graduates, community based psychiatric hospitals and other mental health providers.

Phoenix Program

The OceanMHS Phoenix Program will serve military service members and veterans, with serious mental illness (SMI) or co-occurring disorders (COD), along with their family members in Ocean County. The OceanMHS program is a joint partnership effort with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and The Ocean County Department of Human Services.

The Phoenix Program will deliver Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) to military personnel and veterans.   Assertive Community Treatment is an evidenced-based practice that offers treatment, rehabilitation, and support services, using a person-centered, recovery-based approach, to individuals that have been diagnosed with serious mental illness.

The goal of the program is to preserve public safety though addressing the behavioral health needs of military service members and veterans who encounter law enforcement due to SMI or COD. The objective of the program will be to improve symptomology, reduce psychiatric hospitalizations and reduce encounters with police.

Program team members will include an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) credentialed Psychiatrist who will be responsible for guiding the treatment of all program members. Additionally, an Advanced Practice Nurse and a Registered Nurse would serve as valued team members. The APN would provide Psychiatric Evaluation and medications monitoring when indicated, while the RN would be essential to responsibly integrating medical care with behavioral health care.

Additional team members:

  • Behavioral health clinician trained and certified in trauma informed care and evidenced-based treatment such as EMDR or Brainspotting as well as Pro-longed exposure therapy
  • Substance use disorder clinician
  • Vocational specialist
  • Veteran mentor – peer counsel
  • Coordinating case manager

Please call the Phoenix Program  at 732-281-1658 or email for more information.

*Referrals for this program will be received from police and behavioral health care providers in partnership with local police (i.e. PESS, On Point, Blue Hart, Opioid Overdose Recovery Program).

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