Substance Abuse Services

Recovery Services & Outpatient Detox

At OceanMHS we recognize how hard it can be to take the first step toward recovery for individuals who are experiencing addiction. We are here to walk along side you as you begin your journey. Addiction is a disease that affects family members as well and we are here for them too. We offer safe, confidential assessments and treatment recommendations using the American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAM criteria.

  • OceanMHS offers co-occurring Intensive Outpatient Services during day hours as well as in the evening
  • OceanMHS offers outpatient counseling for individuals, groups and families with our trained experts
  • There are many different approaches to substance use disorder treatment and each person should have an individual plan of care. Sometimes Medication Assisted Treatment or (MAT) becomes part of that care plan. At OceanMHS we offer comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation and can prescribe suboxone or vivitrol if indicated.
  • Recovery Coaching trained peers with lived experience can help in creating a recovery care plan and support you in the environment
  • The Blue HART program allows consumers to go to the Lacey PD or Ocean Gate PD on Mondays to access care. Or they can go to Stafford PD, Little Egg Harbor or Surf City PD on Tuesdays. Officers will conduct a brief assessment and transport to an OceanMHS location for further assistance and linkage to care.
  • Ambulatory Withdraw Management AWM, more commonly called outpatient detox, is a safe way to detox from opiates in an outpatient environment. Maybe you can’t be absent from work or maybe your insurance isn’t willing to cover another inpatient detox. Call us for a screening and we will decide together if AWM can help you with a safe alternative to an inpatient stay. We do offer Medication Assisted Treatment alternatives as well. We are here and looking forward to hearing from you.

Please call our Access Center at 732-575-1111 to make an appointment or a referral.

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