Strumming On The Old Banjo

 In Ocean Academy

By: Thomas Goldberg, Instructional Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher

Through their study of slavery in the United States, students learned that the modern-day banjo originated from an African instrument brought to the Americas during this horrific period in American history.  Students learned that many historians now believe that the Akonting, a folk lute from Western Africa, is the African instrument that the modern-day banjo is most closely related to.  

To take this lesson a little further, students got the chance to play the banjo in class.  Students learned that a “banjo roll” is a particular combination of strings that can be played in any chord position.  The class was then taught a traditional “blues roll”, and each student got the chance to play it in class.  It was definitely nice to take a break from the pens and pencils and play some music!

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  • James Dolan

    I did learn how to play the violin, but I wish I could learn how to play the banjo. I never saw them, but I heard they were great. I’m proud of them.

  • Anthony Chase

    I like country music so Mr. Goldberg, play some for me please.

  • Zachary S

    Although I was not able to be a part of this, I do in fact think this is an amazing experience for the tenth graders to be able play an instrument in front of the whole class. This, I think say’s a lot about the Ocean Academy. Now, I don’t know about you but that’s a place I’d be glad to send my (FUTURE) kid to school.

    * Future= not for a long time.

  • Sarah

    I wish I could have joined, even though it wasn’t my grade. It seemed very fun and entertaining! I definitely want to play the banjo now!!

  • Elijah Spikes

    I wanna try it.

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