Spring Break!

 In Ocean Academy

By: Heather Lacher, Instructional Paraprofessional 

What better way to kick off Spring Break then a Easter Egg Hunt? The students enjoyed the afternoon searching the school grounds with all of their classmates for eggs filled with candy! Afterward, the students and staff enjoyed a delightful Easter meal together. It was an Egg-cellent day all around, Happy Spring Break! 






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  • Logan

    It was very fun to do the Easter egg hunt!

  • James Dolan

    I had a good time during my 10-Day vacation. I hope we have more days of in the summer. I really enjoyed it.

  • Anthony Chase

    I had fun over spring break because I got Fallout for my Xbox 360 and my Xbox One as well as tons of candy.

  • Carlos Gomez

    It was really fun.

  • Zachary S

    I like candy sooo, yeah I had fun!

  • Bethanie

    I loved going Easter egg hunting with my friend.

  • Kyra Bethel

    I really liked being off of school because I got to work and spend time relaxing.

  • Sarah

    I had fun Easter egg hunting. I also enjoyed my spring break. Fun times!

  • Lynn Newman

    Who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt and time off? It’s always fun to celebrate holidays at OA.

  • zach

    It was kind of boring.

  • Dylan Dagner

    Spring Break this year was pretty awesome.

  • Elijah Spikes

    Brings back memories.

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