Slam Poetry!

 In Ocean Academy

By: Eileen Catalano, English & History Teacher

Students recently viewed a video of Gayle Danley a former “Slam Poetry” champion; to get a feel for the drama and emotions necessary to become a slam poet.  Slam Poetry is a performance of an original work, unique to the authors life experience.  The emphasis in not only placed on what the poet is saying but how they are saying it.  Ocean Academy students embraced the challenge of “slam poetry” and enjoyed preforming their original pieces for their classmates.


To see Gayle Danley, Slam Poetry champion, follow this link.

You can also view Ocean Academy future Slam Poetry Champions!!!

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  • Kyra

    I loved this project. It was so emotional and fun !

  • Jeremy

    Nice dudeeee!

  • Bethanie

    Everyone did such an amazing job!

  • RJ Buhler

    I thought the poems were cool.

  • zach

    That was fun!

  • precious

    Slam poetry was so good and we all did a good job.

  • James Dolan

    I did a great job on my slam poetry and hope we do it again someday.

  • Anthony Chase

    Even Lebron James can’t slam like we do!

  • zach

    This was fun!

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