Silverton Farm

 In Ocean Academy

By: Mrs. Cole/ Instructional Paraprofessional 

The students at Ocean Academy enjoyed a class trip to Silverton Farms in Toms River. Run by the same family for 24 years, this farm prides itself on preserving and nurturing  locally grown produce. The students were first treated to a hayride throughout the 8 acres of farmland. This was no ordinary hayride, as the owner allowed us to taste and collect a variety of Non-GMO vegetables. This was an amazing educational experience which allowed the students to taste vegetables they would not ordinarily eat such as: bok choy, swiss chard, kale, beets, and a variety of peppers.
 After the hayride, our students were able to select pumpkins from their farmer’s market in which they decorated and painted back at school. Everyone had a great time and we definitely look forward to going back next year!

Did You Know: Silverton Farms has one goat (Esmeralda) one sheep (Lady) and over 20 breeds of chickens producing free-range eggs.

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  • James Dolan

    The school picked some very ripe pumpkins. Wish I was there to do it.

  • Tierney

    This was a lot of fun! I loved the hayride it was really fun; I loved being able to try new and old foods. It was really fun selecting our pumpkins too. I cant wait to go back next year!

  • Carlos Gomez

    The vegetables were really good and I got to learn all about other vegetables. I also liked that we got prizes!

  • Noah Horton

    That was a really fun trip i loved the hey ride the pumpkin picking it was a good and fun time to socialize. Once again thank you to the OA staff and to the silverton farm

  • Roberto Soriano

    The farm was small but productive.Favorite part was the hayride and getting quizzed on different veggies.

  • Chris Kenney

    I really wish I was there, but I was absent, sorry.

  • Sarah

    The hayride was so much fun and definitely an educational experience. Eating all the veggies were so good! I hope to go back there again as I enjoyed spending time on the farm and with the school.

  • Rachel Strickland

    The trip was very healthy. I’ve never eaten so many vegetables in one day!

  • Michael Sambucini, Jr

    I was not there, I was out that week. But it sure sounds like you guys had fun, the foods sound amazing. I hope to visit the farm someday. I also find it extraordinary that this farm has been run by the same family for the last twenty-four years. That’s incredible, more power to them, am I right? Haha. Well, I am glad you all had fun, and I hope to join you next year!!!

  • god

    The ghost peppers were hot !!!!

  • Anthony Chase

    I see someone decided to try out ghost peppers. I have to give props because I don’t know that I would do that.

  • Elijah Spikes

    Looks like fun. I was sick wish I could have be there.

  • kaitlyn stewart

    I remember going on that trip it sure was fun. Hope we get to go again next year.

  • Mr. Goldberg

    This was a great trip! It was very nice of them to let us sample so many different kinds of vegetables. They were so fresh and delicious! I will always remember this trip for my mistake of eating a ghost pepper.. I couldn’t believe it was that spicy!

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