Salute To Our Presidents

 In Ocean Academy

By: Mr. Hayden/Art Teacher

February is a big month. The biggest. Huge. People say , ‘Mr. Hayden your class is the best. Your class is the biggest’. And they’re right People love my class.  So, so much.  Believe me.  So during my ‘executive time’ I came up with this idea.  Seemed like a simple solution really. I thought ‘why hadn’t someone thought of this already’?  To construct a massive bulletin board. A huge Bulletin. Stretching across all of American history. All the Presidents. Such a Beautiful idea, really. We put so many good Americans to work on this bulletin. And they worked together so well. Such hard workers. And that’s what we want to do. To put everyone back to work. And once it was done it was really something. All my work is accented in gold so the headline was done in special gold paint. The best paint. So special. Very classy. Really, So many people told me so.



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