#railroadology Professor James

 In Ocean Academy

By: James/Student


Today, I taught my class all about “railroadology.” I told them facts all about trains, such as from the age of steam locomotives to the high-speed trains of today. I told them about the transcontinental railroad, how it ran from the west coast to the east coast, and the different gauges of the railroad tracks. I told them about each person on the train, especially about the engineer and ticket collector. I told them all about how locomotives evolved along with the railroads. I gave all my students an A+ and sea dollars for the day. I am very proud of my class and myself.  


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  • Ms. Caffee

    Great job James! I wish I saw your lecture!

  • Mrs. Teresa

    I am sorry I missed the lesson Professor!

  • Logan

    My Experience with James as my teacher was very exciting and was a good learning experience. I learned a lot more about trains and where they came from and how they were made and how they worked. I learned about the different people that work on the train and about the different train tracks and the different signals.

  • krystal kassandra zartler

    Mr. James’ class
    James taught us about trains and how they run. We learned about steam trains and diesel. I enjoyed his class and can’t wait for the next class!

  • Zachary S

    My input about Railroad-ography taught by James
    To have James, a student in our class to stand up and teach us about locomotive history while our history teacher was running a little late was amazing. I think this is so cool and says a lot about Ocean Academy. I also think it’s very inspiring to know that a kid can stand in front of the whole class and teach his peers about his interest and hobbies. Great job James, keep it up!

  • Jay

    This is about my teacher James..

    My classmate James taught us a lesson all about trains. I didn’t know a lot about trains until he taught us about the different models. I was very proud of James because he is like a little brother to me. I hope he goes very far in life and he teaches more people about what he knows. I am happy I get to meet really good people like James. Good job Buddy!

  • Alex iachetta

    James really enjoyed teaching the class about trains. I could tell that he had fun teaching and the students liked his presentation. Great job James! Looking forward to more!
    -Mr. I

  • Mrs. Heather

    James did a wonderful job expressing his passion and knowledge for trains with his classmates! It was a pleasure to be part of such a fun lesson presented by a student. Way to go James!


  • Sarah

    Today Professor James talked to the class about trains and the history of them. He was very well spoken and gave me a lot of insight on how trains work. It was fun to be in his class as he talked and presented himself very well. I think James was a great teacher and definitely taught me a lot!

  • Bethanie

    Listening to James describe all the different types of jobs for running a train was unique. I didn’t think there were any more jobs other than cooking and the conductor. Hearing how all the different workers took part in keeping up with the train and passengers was interesting. I liked the class and hope he does another one.

  • Precious

    I am proud of James. He worked hard and did his best. I wish I had heard the lesson.

  • Barbara Dolan

    Great job James! Please believe there is nothing you cannot accomplish as long as you stay focused and always be kind to others. We are so very proud of you! Mom&Dad

  • Scott Corbett

    That was a highly effective lesson! 👍🏻

  • Clarissa

    James taught us all about trains, and it was very interesting. I had no idea that there was so much to learn on the subject. I am very proud of my classmate for standing up in front of his peers and doing it so well.

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