Perspectives in Photography

 In Ocean Academy

By: Charla Cole/Instructional Paraprofessional

On a cold brisk morning, a group of students were fortunate enough to take part in a photography trip organized by Mrs.Larosa. With cameras in tow, we traveled to the beaches of Monmouth County. The views were absolutely beautiful and that alone made for some amazing pictures. While the typical photos ocean landscape were expected and breathtaking,each student also took photos from their own personal perspective, which made them very unique. From graffiti art on the boardwalk, an empty bottle of perfume in the sand, or even a pair of abandoned shoes, the art of  photography is definitely in the eye of the beholder. We went to several locations along the shore which included the beaches of Belmar, Avon, Ocean Grove, and the beautifully revived Asbury Park.

The highlight of the trip was going inside the historical Paramount Theater in Asbury, where we got to explore both levels. We had the run of the place and took some really great photos there. While on the way back to the school, we stopped for some well deserved hot chocolate! Brrr! Overall, it was a successful trip and as you can see from the pictures above, we have some very talented young photographers here at Ocean Academy.


Did You Know: Select images captured by our students during this trip will be framed and featured in the upcoming Art and Soul Brunch.

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  • Damian Scisco

    Photography is a beautiful thing. I believe the students that took the pictures could become very good photographers in the future.

  • Jack Nogueira

    Awesome Photos

  • Elijah Spikes

    Those were some nice pictures.This brings back memories of me as a little kid walking on the board walk.

  • Matthew English

    Photography is a great way to show perspective, thoughts and feelings. The oceans and beaches of New Jersey offer great views and photo opportunities. New Jersey has very under estimated views and wildlife destinations.

  • ricky

    It was fun visiting Asbury and looking at the Paramount Theater!

  • Tierney

    These pictures are awesome! I went to Seaside the other week and we took pictures, it was awesome!

  • Chris

    I am happy that it was nice weather when we were taking the photos!

  • Jeremy

    Nice pictures guys !

  • Sarah

    I had so much fun when I went with Ms. Larosa around Toms River to take photographs throughout the town. It was a great experience for me and really intrigued me as I love photography. I was so happy to find out the other day that a couple of my images were selected to be featured in the upcoming Art and Soul Brunch. Great photography skills everyone!

  • ZacharyC

    This seems to have been a really great excursion for the students. I know that, while I didn’t go, everyone who went got nice pictures and had a wonderful time. I am exited to see all of the pictures at the art show soon. I hope the hot chocolates good.

  • Lynn Newman

    Beautiful pictures!!

  • cody

    That was a good experience,and the best pictures!

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