One Point Perspective

 In Ocean Academy

By:  Tom Goldberg; Instructional Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher


Students were taught how to draw a picture using one point perspective.  One point perspective is “a drawing method that shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, converging towards a single ‘vanishing point’ on the horizon line”.  Each student was given a piece of blank paper so that they could follow along step-by-step with what the teacher was doing on the board.  First, a point was placed directly in the center of the paper.  Students were told that this point is what is called the “vanishing point”.  Students then drew one line a across the paper and through the vanishing point horizontally, another line from the top right corner to the bottom left corner and through the vanishing point diagonally, and a final line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and through the vanishing point diagonally in the other direction.  This format set the guidelines that the students followed to create a picture that appears to be getting further away.  From here, students were shown a few different ideas, such as how to make sidewalks, trees, and buildings that all appear to be getting further away.  However, students were free to draw anything they wanted, as long as it followed the theme of one point perspective.  With this, students were able to let their imaginations run freely, and this resulted in some truly spectacular pieces!

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  • Logan

    This was really fun to do!

  • James Dolan

    I enjoyed working on the one-point perspective. I wish to do it again sometime.

  • krystal kassandra zartler

    When doing this project it wasn’t easy as it seems. You had to get the angle right, and figure out what kind of colors you want. But this project was very fun to do!

  • Carlos Gomez

    The art work is amazing!

  • stephanie

    I love the Chicago Bulls one. It is a great work of art.

  • jysheir

    I never did anything like that but it was fun to do it .

  • Chris Kenney

    This was a amazing art right here!

  • Haylee G :)

    I thought this was really interesting to see… I really liked the art and thought it was very adventurous.

  • Kyra Bethel

    I love all these representations, they are all so amazing and insightful!

  • Clarissa

    This looks like a very interesting project and I would love to be able to draw a picture from a one point perspective. My classmates are very talented and they did a amazing job.

  • Sarah

    One Point Perspective is an interesting concept! The work is amazing and unique.

  • bonquiqui

    Everyone did a nice job.

  • god

    The art is cool and colorful .

  • zach

    I like the mountain drawing.
    It really brings out who I am, even though I didn’t make it,
    good job to the person who made it.

  • Ciara

    I though the pictures could use a little more work but they are pretty. Next year I look forward to learning how to do it.

  • Anthony Vadakara

    I like all of the drawings. But my favorite is the one that has most colors.

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