Recently the OceanCares Foundation joined the Trinity Solar Stewardship program so that you can support Ocean Mental Health Services by making the switch to clean energy with Trinity Solar.

Trinity offers the most options available to homeowners and have the best track record in the industry.
Visit and remember:

For minutes of your time, you can support those in your community suffering with a mental health issue when the OceanCares Foundation receives funding.  Simply sitting down with a Trinity Solar representative to learn about the benefits of solar energy triggers a contribution to the OceanCares Foundation in Support of Ocean Mental Health Services in the amount of $100. There is no obligation or fee for the consultation. 
If you choose to advance and take advantage of the no-cost installation Trinity offers, the OceanCares Foundation receives an additional $1000.

If you haven’t looked into solar or want to go solar but haven’t found the time or the right “fit”, give Trinity the opportunity to make this a win-win-win!  Your continued support means everything to us.




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