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Providing Education In a Therapeutic Environment

Our Individual Treatment Philosophy

Ocean Academy accepts the responsibility of coordinating the available resources of home, school and community in a mutual effort to guide every pupil's growth towards becoming a self-respecting individual who can function effectively

Our philosophy is pupil centered. We believe that school is a place where:

1.) Unexplored abilities and interests are discovered and given opportunity for growth;

2.) Abilities known already are given encouragement; and,

3.) Every student is offered a vision of new and wider fields of knowledge and experience that make all life richer and more satisfying.

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  • As a mother you want the best for your kids and to see them happy as you watch them grow up. I unfortunately was watching my son struggle in school with bullying and he began to display acting out behaviors. His grades began to slip; he reported not having friends and at times refused to go to school. My son’s acting out behavior got him into a lot of trouble at school and as a result it was recommended by his school district for a new placement. Ocean Academy in 2016 gladly accepted my son in their school knowing his troubled history and has provided my son a second opportunity. The individualized help my son has received from the teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors and psychiatrist has allowed him to be successful in the school environment. I myself am thankful for the guidance I have received from the clinical staff; it is more than I could ask for. Ocean Academy is more than just a school for my son; it has become a home away from home where he feels safe. I am so grateful for the second opportunity Ocean Academy has provided my family.

    OA Parent
  • I began Ocean Academy in 2012 as a student who was acting out and didn’t care about anything but myself.  The staff at OA cared about me in spite of my behaviors. The first step in my education was to learn how to cope with my anger and what to do to handle it appropriately.  When I accomplished that, I noticed I was staying in class longer, paying attention, participating and learning. I was accepted and attend Ocean County Vocational School for culinary arts.  I am in control of myself and am creating a career path for when I finish school.  This is a huge accomplishment for me since I never saw myself being able to attend a trade program with my peers. I have worked part time jobs in my community and also looked into enlisting in the US Armed Forces. The road to recovery has just started for me.  I have begun to learn how to behave and become a model student through the help of my one on one aide, my counselor, and my longtime doctor.

    OA Student
  • My parents looked at different schools for me to attend when I was 10 years old.  My acting out behavior was such that I was unable to remain in class.  They chose Ocean Academy. At Ocean Academy I was able to learn in a supportive environment.  With the help of my counselor, para, teachers and doctor, I learned to use more appropriate coping skills to deal with my frustration.  I was able to stay in class and learn my academics. I attended vocational school for building maintenance and graduated high school in 2016. I am currently working as a ranch hand on my Aunt’s farm.  I do a lot of things there, such as, feeding horses, maintaining the farm and getting the horses ready for shows.  My Ocean Academy “family” has taught me valuable life lessons and helped to shape the man I am today.

    Former OA Student
  • The amazing staff of Ocean Academy has provided my son with a therapeutic environment specific for his unique needs. The professionals at Ocean Academy think outside of the box, thus creating and implementing a variety of strategies as needed. As my son evolves and grows, his program at Ocean Academy accommodates his changing needs. Frequent immersion into authentic community activities has been am integral component of my son's education at Ocean Academy. Ocean Academy has made an absolute life changing impact on my son's well being and overall quality of life.

    OA Parent
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