OA Student Created Note Cards

 In Ocean Academy

Recently the students and staff of Ocean Academy – took on a project that took on a life of its own.


A few of the students with a love of photography went out and took some amazing landscape shots around the Jersey Shore to enter in the Art & Soul Exhibit, however, they didn’t stop there they turned them into stunning note cards. The OceanCares Foundation was proud to partner and financially support this project as a means to continue raising awareness and funds for all of the programs, services and individuals of OceanMHS.


These cards are now available for all to purchase and are featured on the website under OceanCares. You have to check them out! https://oceanmhs.org/oceancares/other-ways-to-give/


There is also an amazing line of custom created holiday cards…we will keep you in suspense a little longer for those.

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