OA Clothing Drive

 In Ocean Academy

By: Rob Austin/LCSW

Ocean Academy recently hosted a successful clothing drive. It is interesting how the clothing drive got started. Each morning the 11th graders take part in a social skills current/events group. The hurricanes that devastated parts of America and Puerto Rico were discussed extensively. Many students asked what they could do to help the victims and this lead to an open dialog discussing ways that would be effective. One of the students created a flyer which was sent out to the entire agency, and other community based organizations.  The response was amazing, and the outpouring of compassion was wonderful for the students to witness. With the assistance of Ms. Marianne, and our trusty school bus we hit the road to pick up donations within our community, this was an opportunity for the students to see firsthand the generosity of people in the community. Ocean Academy students assisted in all aspects of the clothing drive.  They were especially helpful with the loading, and unloading of the school bus which was overflowing with donations. Many people donated, including the families of Ocean Academy students, OMHS employees, businesses and families within the community. We would like to send a special thank you to Ocean Partnership for Children, otherwise known as CMO, who work tirelessly for the families in our community and exceeded our expectations for donations.  They alone almost filled our small school bus almost to capacity.  Thank you to all who participated in making our clothing drive a success!



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  • James Dolan

    It was a good thing to donate clothes to the Salvation Army. Hope those clothes will help those kids in need.

  • Tierney

    Donating to the salvation army was a wonderful idea.It was awesome to help out people in need we had a lot of donations on the front lawn.

  • Lynn Newman

    Kindness always matters!!

  • Carlos Gomez

    I think that given clothes to the other in need were really nice. Also, I like to help out people too 😉

  • Noah Horton

    That was a nice thing to donate clothes. It looks like you got a lot of clothes to donate. Hopefully it helps someone in needs day.

  • Roberto Soriano

    Pretty nice that our OA community donated clothes. This was an amazing deed for a great cause.

  • Chris Kenney

    I really love helping the children get clothes.

  • Sarah

    Truly amazing how our school got together to work for a great and crucial cause. We take so many things for granted and I love the fact we took time out of our lives to work on a project that will help people who truly need it. Amazing job OA, we all must continue to do more for our community, because someone out there always needs a helping hand!

  • Rachel Strickland

    I donated a couple days earlier because I wasn’t there the day it happened. I’m glad they gave clothes to other people.

  • Michael Sambucini, Jr

    I find it incredible how many people are willing to help complete strangers in need of new clothes. Our school, and community are full of such generous people, which to me is hard to find now a days. I am thrilled to see this article and know what our community has done to help!

  • god

    I didn’t give out any clothes but they got a lot. I hope whoever got them are happy.

  • Anthony Chase

    I am very proud of the people who decided to give their clothes up for a good cause. I wish I could have contributed but I just couldn’t get around to it.

  • kaitlyn stewart

    I wasn’t there for the clothing drive but it did seem fun. I hope we have another one.

  • Elijah Spikes

    Thanks to all that helped with the clothes drive.

  • Mrs. Crosta

    I am so proud of everyone involved and proud to be a part of Ocean Academy!

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