NJ Transit Educates OA About Train Safety

 In Ocean Academy

By: Robert Austin/Licensed Clinical Social Worker

On December 13,2017 Sandra Sanderlin a safety education specialist from NJ Transit came to Ocean Academy and  presented on how to remain safe around railroad tracks and trains. Ms. Sanderlin reviewed the law regarding walking on railroad tracks, and trespassing in a railroad yard, she presented examples of the negative impact of engaging in dangerous activity around trains. Ms. Sanderlin also fully explained the laws regarding driving and railroad safety especially while approaching  a railroad crossing, the students were educated on how to recognize when a train is approaching and they were cautioned never to try and beat a train and cross the tracks while  the warning lights are flashing. Many students asked age appropriate questions and gain usefully knowledge.  The students also watched actual videos of what can happen when train safety is not adhered to. The mix of educational and real life examples was very useful and informative to our students and stimulated an active question and answer session.

NJ Transit will be returning to Ocean Academy to present an age specific presentation to our elementary grade students. NJ Transit has also provided to Ocean Academy educational materials that can be used in our drivers Ed course.


NJ transit was generous enough to bring many hand outs for our students which was enjoyed by both staff and students.

The staff and students want to thank NJ Transit and in particular, Sandra Sanderlin for sharing their knowledge and time with Ocean Academy.  


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  • Lynn Newman

    It was a worthwhile and educational presentation.

  • James Dolan

    There’s one thing you should know about trains…it doesn’t matter where their going. What matters is deciding to get on. 🙂

  • Tierney

    This was a great assembly. The assembly Was very helpful I hope that the student use this advise.

  • krystal

    It was definitely worth my time and effort to pay attention to this, to learn that there are consequences for your actions and learning the safety for it.

  • Elijah Spikes

    Never would of thought people die from a trains. Its good that the lady is going to schools talking to kids.

  • Carlos Gomez

    I think that this was a good topic to talk and learn about.

  • ricky

    Train safety is very important.

  • Anthony Chase

    I was very happy that we got to learn about train safety. I have never trespassed on a railroad track before and I am happy to say that.

  • ricky

    Train safety is very important because you could die.

  • Anthony Magro

    Why do people run across train tracks, that’s a really stupid thing to do. Train safety is just common sense.

  • Brian Lauterbach

    Sadly I wasn’t here that day, but it seemed like alot of fun. Its always good to be educated.

  • Matthew English

    Train safety is something that is easily looked over and forgotten, so to have someone emphasizing this form of safety is important.

  • Damian Scisco

    I like that some people don’t go across the tracks while a train is coming. I don’t like how stupid people are to try and beat the train before it comes.

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