The Newark Boy’s Chorus at the Algonquian Theater

 In Ocean Academy

  By: Charla Cole/Instructional Paraprofessional

The students and staff at OA enjoyed a wonderful Christmas concert at Algonquin Theater this week. The Newark Boy’s chorus were featured and they sang beautifully. This talented chorus is comprised of diverse young men who are poised, articulate, with the most amazing voices! The mission of the Newark Boy’s Chorus School is to develop their students into successful young men of sound character through rigorous academic and musical training.

  During the performance, their music director, Donald Morris, encouraged crowd participation and gave us an in depth look on just how much time, dedication, and practice it takes to be successful in their organization. You see, singing is just one aspect of what they do. These boys travel all over the world, singing in different languages that include classical music, spirituals, folk music and jazz, all while still maintaining good grades. They sang many different holiday songs that represented various cultures and some that we all were familiar with. It definitely got us all in the Christmas spirit, with many of our students singing along and swaying to the music.

 At the end of the concert, the director opened the floor to questions from the audience and we learned more about the aspirations and achievements of the chorus members. The Newark Boy’s Chorus are truly an inspiration to all of us and we look forward to our next trip to this historical theater.


Did You Know: Known as Newark’s “Musical Ambassadors”, NBCS was named the Discover Jersey Arts winner of the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Choral Group for 2015.


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  • Roberto Soriano

    The boys chorus did an amazing job. Had me clapping along to some of the songs

  • bethanie

    I got to sing along to the Christmas carols which was awesome.

  • Rachel Strickland

    This was very entertaining to watch, The boys sounded beautiful with harmony and it was surprising to me. They had real high pitches in their group!

  • ciara

    I had fun at the concert. They were amazing at singing. Wow!

  • Dylan Dagner

    The concert was really nice. I had a lot of fun listening to the chorus and enjoying the music.

  • Mrs. Crosta

    I always wanted to see the this choir. I am sure their performance lived up to their reputation. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Sarah

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be present on this trip, but it looked amazing! Just by reading this blog post gives me insight on the group of talented singers. I definitely need to look the chorus up online to see their performances!!

  • Mrs. Heather

    Not only were the boys in the chorus talented, they also seemed very dedicated to the program!

  • Elijah Spikes

    That was fun.They can sing.

  • Carlos Gomez

    I think that they did a good job.

  • Tierney

    The boy’s chorus was great. They could sing very well.

  • Anthony Chase

    I may not have been able to go on this trip but it seemed like a very nice chorus. I always liked going to the Algonquin theatre.

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