Mission and Vision

The Ocean Mental Health Services mission is to offer a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health, substance abuse, and integrated healthcare services, which promotes full participation in community life.

We live this mission every day as we address the mental health needs of the residents of Ocean County.  Our wide variety of services can provide assistance to people throughout the behavioral healthcare continuum.  This may include those who want to address certain behaviors and feelings and those who have been addressing serious mental health illnesses and addictions for many years.  We provide the support and guidance individuals need as they dedicate themselves to wellness and recovery.  Together we can build a better tomorrow.

Our vision is that the community we serve understands the coordination of behavioral healthcare, substance abuse recovery, and physical healthcare is essential to overall health, and that our quality, consumer-driven services will assist them in achieving wellness and recovery.

Oftentimes when people think of health they consider only their physical needs.  At Ocean Mental Health Services we strive to bring the discussion of your mental health needs into the forefront, yet integrate our services to promote total wellness and recovery.  We want to share with the community our understanding of issues like stress, anxiety, and depression and how they affect your life and ability to achieve fulfillment. We also help people who want to address substance use and physical health issues that may be affecting their mental health recovery.

The effects of mental illness are so individualized and difficult to understand, that we look to each person to identify the goals they want to achieve.  Through counseling guidance and support we help as people work towards achieving their goals.

At Ocean Mental Health Services we understand that excellence doesn’t only come from mastery of knowledge, but also from compassion, dedication, and respect.   Understanding each person’s individual needs is our first step towards excellence.

Become a Volunteer and Get Involved

Whether you have a skill to teach, compassion to share, or the drive to lend a hand where needed,
we will help you to find a volunteer opportunity that matches your skills and interests

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