How To Relieve Holiday Stress

 In Ocean Academy

By: Lynn Newman, Supervisor of Clinical Services/School Social Worker

holiday-stress-2The Holidays are upon us!!  For many this is a time of family, fun, food and giving.  It can also be a time of emotional and financial stress.  To help navigate the holidays, here are a few tips:


  1. Know your budget and spend within your means
  2. If you are unable to visit family, connect with a friend from your neighborhood or church.
  3. Don’t overindulge
  4. Find joy in the season
  5. Be more physically active to reduce stress
  6. Don’t over commit..learn to say no
  7. The holidays aren’t realistic
  8. Pay attention to your body.  Headaches, over eating, stomach aches and sleep disturbance are symptoms of stress
  9. Take some “me time” to relax
  10. Seek professional help if needed.


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