How to Eat Fried Worms”

 In Ocean Academy

By:Mr. Berman, Elementary/Middle School Teacher  


Last week Mr. Berman’s class finished reading the book, “How to Eat Fried Worms.”  As a reward the class went to Insectropolis to see if it was really OK to eat worms.  The answer was a definite,  yes. Besides the cool worms on display the students also enjoyed learning about African Hissing Cockroaches, millipedes, tarantulas, and scorpion’s.  The class decided that they didn’t want to eat worms and decided to eat sour cream and onion crickets and BBQ flavored worm larvettes.  Yum!




How eating insects could benefit health!

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  • Scott Corbett

    Yummy and way to try something new! I am really proud of you.

  • Anthony Chase

    I would definitely say props for trying something new due to the fact that I wouldn’t ever eat that.

  • James Dolan

    I’d say the worms thing was somewhat disgusting and amazing. I never did it, but I would like to try it out. I hope they had a good time doing it. I like that they always work hard and try new things.

  • Clarissa

    I would never be able to even hold a worm let alone eat one. Although I am very proud of Mr. Berman’s class for trying something new and unusual.

  • David L

    I touched the bugs, I enjoyed it. They felt smooth.There is one that is not smooth because it had hair on it.

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