Happy Holidays From All of Us To All of You!

 In Ocean Academy
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  • isabel

    Really cool everyone!

  • David Laudien

    This video makes me happy about the upcoming holidays. I can’t go to Florida for Christmas.

  • Payton

    Wow! I am so impressed with everyone. My God, look at how everyone used teamwork to make this Christmas stand out. I want to thank Ms. Maryann, all staff, and all Teachers. They really worked their butts off trying to make students happy. I strongly feel that everyone is going to have a fantastic Christmas and the people who don’t or are not fortunate enough they are in my prayers everyday and I hope that they are in your prayers too. Everyone in this school works so hard already. Karma will give us a great time because everyone is trying. That is all we could do. What goes around comes around. God bless everyone and may God help those who need his help, especially those on this Holiday of forgiveness.

  • emilio

    I enjoyed the video it put me in the Christmas spirit

  • elijah spikes

    Nice video .To bad I wasn’t there.

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