In Ocean Academy

By: Heather Lacher, Instructional Paraprofessional

This week at Ocean Academy the students got to enjoy a unique experience at Hot Sands in Asbury Park, Glassblowing! Choosing from a variety of colors and designs, the students blew into the pipe to expand their very own glass creation. The experts gave a side by side explanation as the process occurred, educating us all on the art of glassblowing. It was a memorable experience for all. 

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  • Zachary S

    I don’t have or need much to say… It was awesome!

  • Bethanie

    Being able to go for a second time was amazing. At first I didn’t want to participate but Mr. Corbett supported me and cheered me on to do it and I’m so happy he did! I had a blast being able to sit with friends and make something.

  • zach

    I had fun on this trip, it was cool blowing glass!

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