“Ethics and Technology”

 In Ocean Mental Health Services


Lunch & Learn  –  “Ethics and Technology”; Michael Blatt, MSW, LCSW presented maintaining ethical standards while incorporating the use of modern technology and social media

BY: Angela Lynch LAC, Director of Program Development

After this morning’s brunch and learn we were asked to reflect on the impact social media has in the field of mental health.  With the prolific, daily use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, there are new and unique situations being placed on employed clinicians of the 21st Century.  Questions we must now contemplate, with limited policies and procedures to guide us, include; “How cautious should I be regarding my Facebook posts?”, “If a client approaches me in session about content observed on social media, how should this be handled?”, “Am I allowed to Google or Facebook a client, and if I do, what should be done with the information discovered?”  I truly had to sit and think about complications and implications for the consumer and practitioner in regards to social media. 

So I ask you this, what are some of the impacts, challenges, or beliefs, along with the technical, ethical or legal issues practitioners face in lieu of social media whilst being employed as a mental health worker?


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