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 In Ocean Academy

By: Mr. TJ/Instructional Paraprofessional

You want to know what’s been going on in the Elementary room?  Well, this past week during Mr. Nick’s Health lesson, we had a special guest speaker.   Joey, one of Ocean Academy’s Elementary students, taught the class about respect.  Joey spoke about what respect means and how we should use respect everyday in our lives.    He discussed with the class how to be a good listener and how to follow directions.  Joey then gave us tips on being respectful in the Cafeteria, at the YMCA, and outside at recess.  Great job, Joey!  Keep up with the good work!

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  • Tierney

    That was a very good idea Joey!That was also very thoughtful it is great to learn about respect.

  • Carlos Gomez

    I think that learning about respect is very good bro. Keep it up, ok little bro?

  • Jack Nogueira

    Respect is important because it prevents trouble.

  • Roberto Soriano

    Proud of Joey for doing this. We could all learn about respect.

  • bethanie

    Respect is very important. I’m glad they did this.

  • ciara

    What a wonderful way learning about respect. Great job!

  • Rachel Strickland

    Respect is vital in everyday life because if you don’t have respect for people in your life ( if you meet someone different or even if it is your best friend), how do you expect to receive it yourself?

  • Sarah

    That is great how respect was taught in class, and Joey seemed like he did a great job teaching it. It is great to learn good morals at any age, and how you treat others is definitely important. Good job Joey!! 🙂

  • james dobias

    I like that the elementry school kids are learning respect. I also like that Joey knows so much about respect.

  • Mrs. Heather

    Way to go Joey! What an important lesson for everyone to be a part of.

  • Elijah Spikes

    Respect is good to have and give in society.

  • Ms. Caffee

    I wish I was there! Great job Joey, keep it up!

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