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OceanMHS Children’s Services offers several programs that accept referrals from parents, caregivers, schools and community based treatment providers. To find out more about these programs, or to set up an initial appointment, please call our Access Center at 732-575-1111.

Outpatient Services

Sometimes children and families need mental health services. Through OceanMHS Outpatient programs children and families can meet one on one with a therapist trained in working with youth.


Special programs address special needs. Bayside is a partial day program that helps youth between the ages of 11 and 17 years old address their emotional and behavioral needs with education, counseling and support. This program prevents unnecessary hospitalizations, or effectively transitions a youth from hospitalization to successful home living.

The youth at Bayside are actively involved in education and emotional support groups, individual and family counseling and social and recreational activities. At each of these youth gain insights and learn new skills that help them to achieve long lasting success. Our on staff psychiatrists meet with the youth and families, performing evaluations, assessments and prescribing/adjusting medications, as needed.

With the Bayside program, we see youth succeed every day with improved moods and outlooks, positive self esteem, a leap in individual confidence, and positive participation and communication in program activities, community activities and home life. We watch families communicate more effectively and grow closer as a result. Most importantly, we see youth looking forward to a successful future, knowing they can set and reach goals, continue to grow and learn in positive ways, and move beyond perceived limitations.

Homestead – Psychiatric Community Residence

The Homestead is a 24-hr out of home eight bed coeducational Psychiatric Community Home for Adolescents ages 11-17 years. This program serves adolescents at high risk for further psychiatric hospitalization for which all other community interventions have been exhausted.  The program provides a multi-faceted, structured, comprehensive treatment program which focuses on the mental health, special education, daily living skills, health care, substance abuse prevention and recreational needs of our youth.

The primary goal of the program is to reintegrate our children back into the community setting.  Our program is community oriented, allowing each child to achieve stabilization and skills necessary to re-orient  each child back to his or her community. These skills are practiced through community outings and family interactions. The family treatment component is central to the child’s successful return home and is the primary goal of treatment.

All referrals are received directly through the NJ Childrens System of Care- Performcare.

DCP&P Involved Families Three programs

Child, Adolescent, and Family Services (CAFS): CAFS therapist work with families, oftentimes in their homes, or in other locations throughout the County, as needed. They provide individual therapy and family therapy. By meeting with families in the home, they can constructively work to help families identify and change negative behaviors and create a positive, proactive alternative in the environments where families live, interact, and communicate most often.

Family Focus: Family Focus provides intensive therapy to families at our Toms River office. Both individual and family therapies are used to maintain the youth in the home environment. If that is not possible, Family Focus may work towards helping the youth adjust to an out of home placement while continuing to work towards reunification with the family.


The Directions Program offers comprehensive mental health assessment and counseling services to court involved males and female juveniles and their families who have been referred by the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT). Interventions used are individual in-home family counseling, psychiatric evaluations, psychological evaluations, and mentoring services.

OceanMHS Children’s Services collaborates with DYFS to provide programs that ensure children remain at home, do not lose an out of home placement, and receive casework and counseling services for themselves and their parents. These programs (following) require a referral from a DYFS caseworker.


Turnaround is a concentrated service to effectively combat substance abuse in the target population of adolescents twelve through seventeen years old. It is a unique treatment concept that involves group dynamics and skills training for both the adolescent and his/her family. Turnaround supports family unity. These topics include chemical dependency, self-esteem, anger control, cognitive restructuring, assertive communication, problem solving, goal setting, and dysfunctional family roles.

Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together is a long-term program aimed to assist DCPP involved families challenged with homelessness/housing instability putting children at risk for out-of-home placement or delaying reunification. KFT utilizes a housing-first model to work with our families in obtaining stable, subsidized housing. The goal of our program is to assist families in achieving housing stability, greater family functioning, child well-being, community integration, work readiness, peer support, mental health and substance abuse services, socialization, access to other resources, and other skills and opportunities that foster increased self-sufficiency. KFT utilizes a team approach to assist families in meeting their needs through the use of licensed clinicians, case managers, employment specialist, and a peer/parent advocate.

Ocean Academy

Ocean Academy is a therapeutic school that offers educational services to students diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. As part of Ocean Mental Health Services, we work cooperatively with students and their families to provide support and services.

Ocean Academy’s cornerstone is its therapeutic component, which offers the student and their family psychiatric and therapeutic services and support from our clinical team. We develop and implement an individual treatment plan with the goal of helping each student achieve his/her full positive potential, which is facilitated by our “hands on” intensive psychiatric and therapeutic care. Our psychiatrist is on site weekly to meet with students, families and staff to oversee each student’s progress.

Educationally, Ocean Academy works closely with the sending districts to plan and implement the Individual Education Plan. Our instructional staff is highly qualified, committed and trained in how disorders such as Pervasive Developmental Disorders, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome impact the student’s learning experience. They provide for a variety of educational experiences to give every student a chance for success. You can visit the Ocean Academy page or call 732-505-2260 to make a referral.

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