Art & Soul Brunch Art Work

 In Ocean Academy, Ocean Mental Health Services

By: Eileen Catalano, Teacher

Recently the OceanCares Foundation held their first art show: The Art & Soul Exhibit and Brunch was a wonderful expression of the creativity and spirit of all of the individuals involved. We have already started planning next year’s exhibit and we know it will be bigger and better with even more artwork on display. In the meantime you can give one of these amazing creations from the students of Ocean Academy a home by making a purchase to support the consumers, programs and services of OceanMHS.

If you are interested purchasing a piece of the OA Collection please contact Lisa Mulhearn at; 

We thank you for your patronage.


Cynthia, jay, & Rachel

Tillie…Asbury Park

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  • Logan

    The art is all really good!

  • James Dolan

    I wasn’t there for it, but I wish I was there to see it. They all did great on their projects. I’m proud of them.

  • Stephanie

    By looking at the art the kids did a great job. I really like the necklaces.

  • Carlos Gomez

    I think that all art tells a lot about the person because when you do art you express yourself!

  • krystal kassandra zartler

    I enjoyed looking at the art work and people smiling about how hard we worked!

  • jysheir

    It was an honor to work on the Tilly.

  • Kyra Bethel

    I loved working on my artwork it was so much fun and I loved seeing it be displayed in front of a bunch of people.

  • Clarissa

    The students at Ocean Academy are very creative and amazing artists, their art work is truly amazing. I’m glad that there will also be an art exhibit next year as well, I hope even more students will participate.

  • Chris Kenney

    I wish I have my painting up there.

  • Sarah

    Very nice artwork. Expressive I can tell! Very creative students OA has.

  • Anthony Vadakara

    It was very nice that the OceanCares Foundation shared their artwork with others to enjoy and purchase.

  • bonquiqui

    All of the art was vary nice everyone in OA has talent.

  • zach

    This is a good way to put our art in display, I was impressed with other students art.
    i like the sea glass necklaces, good job to the person who made them.

  • god

    The art is awesome .

  • Ciara

    The art work is beautiful. I hope to be involved next year.

  • Mrs. Alicia

    The art and soul brunch was a great time! It was amazing to see all the artwork hanging and people purchasing our students work!

  • Lynn Newman

    Excellent job by all!

  • Dylan Dagner

    I had a lot of fun making my art for it. Really hope I can do it again some time.

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