Art Returns to the Halls of Ocean Academy

 In Ocean Academy

By: Eileen Catalano/English & History Teacher

The wonderful art work donated for display and sale by the Ocean County Artists Guild once again graces the halls of Ocean Academy.  Francine VanOstrand worked with students to arrange and hang the art work; deciding what pieces should be displayed together and the order they should flow through the halls.  Students and staff were excited by the return of the art work, which brightens our halls and promotes discussions about artistic expression.

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  • James Dolan

    We decided to get Ocean Academy into the artistic spirit. Artwork is back, baby!

  • Tierney

    I loved the art in the halls, it’s always awesome. I think this was a grate idea!

  • Roberto Soriano

    Some of the new art that is hung up looks so realistic. OA has good taste in art.

  • Chris Kenney

    I really love the art. It makes me want to buy the art.

  • Rachel Strickland

    The art is all very beautiful and different. There are flowers or portraits on the walls. It makes me want to try to be part of the Artist Guild!

  • Michael Sambucini, Jr

    I honestly love the way the art looks in our bland hallways. It brings spirit and color to this once boring dark colored school. We now have vibrant colors to light up the halls and bring inspiration to those who need it. I think this was a great idea to bring the art back to OA.

  • Anthony Chase

    I am happy to see that people still have a great love of art. I wish I could get more into art.

  • james dobias

    Art in the halls, that’s nice. I was starting to get tired of the walls but the art makes it better.

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