Recycled Gifts!

 In Ocean Academy

img_1944By: Mr. Berman, Elementary/Middle school Teacher 


Mr. Berman’s class has been busy learning about the importance of conserving and recycling our resources.  We decided that it would be a neat idea to take old license plates and turn them into clocks. The students drilled holes through the license plates then inserted clock mechanisms into it.  It was very simple to make and they make great Christmas presents, too.


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  • Barbara Dolan

    Great idea! Perfect for a garage or workshop!

  • krystal kassandra zartler

    This is a awesome gift for kids.

  • James Dolan

    That would be a pretty cool clock!

  • Kathleen Malley

    What a fun idea! I agree James!

  • Anthony Chase

    I like helping the Earth a whole lot.

  • Alicia

    The kids really enjoyed making the clocks and bringing them home to show their families.

  • Jeremy

    This is fly good job Joe!

  • Ms. Caffee

    Great job guys! Who wouldn’t love a GREEN present? 🙂

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