Ocean Academy







Providing Education In a Therapeutic Environment

Student Eligibility

Currently ages 9 to 21 (Younger student will be considered on a case by case basis). Potential students must participate in an intake with Ocean Academy Staff prior to admission to determine if our program can address their needs.

Referrals and Admission

We believe the best decisions are those made by a team with the parent as an equal participant. Students are referred to Ocean Academy by their local school district’s Child Study Team.

As required by the Individuals with Disablilities Education Act(IDEA), the district pays tuition and round-trip transportation. There is no cost to parents. We encourage parents and school districts to visit our School and learn more about our curriculum, classrooms, our use of instructional and assertive technology and facilities.

Our Individual Treatment Philosophy

Ocean Academy accepts the responsibility of coordinating the available resources of home, school and community in a mutual effort to guide every pupil's growth towards becoming a self-respecting individual who can function effectively

Our philosophy is pupil centered. We believe that school is a place where:

1.) Unexplored abilities and interests are discovered and given opportunity for growth;

2.) Abilities known already are given encouragement; and,

3.) Every student is offered a vision of new and wider fields of knowledge and experience that make all life richer and more satisfying.

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